Tuesday, May 21, 2019

God Cheats for Us

While watching the PGA Tour on TV one week I saw an ad with Bill Murray, comedian of Saturday Night Life fame and renowned, passionate golfer. He was recounting his score on the hole he had just completed. “In the water for one; in the woods, two; green-side bunker, three; on the green, three puts, hmmm, I’ll take a four,” he said.

It reminded me of another video I saw somewhere that said God cheats for us. God keeps score of our lives like Bill Murray keeps score in golf. No matter how many times we hit the ball into the water, no matter how many times we are in the bunker, no matter how many putts we take to get the ball in the hole, God will still give us a par.

As we go through our mistake riddled lives, we fail many more times than we succeed. We are beautifully made yet flawed individuals struggling to earn a par, knowing that we do not deserve such a lofty score. But God’s mercy covers a myriad of sins, failed dreams, and missed putts. God’s love for us causes God to mark our score card with the par we don’t deserve.

Father Mark +

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