Sunday, March 11, 2018

Who We Are

Assume for a moment that Jesus is more interested in who we are, what we are called to do, and what our values are; in what do we believe. That is a slight stretch for some because many still believe that Jesus’ life and death were about our salvation and eternal life. I’m not denying that was part of the plan, but I also believe that Jesus wanted our world, here and now, to be more than it is and be more like what God created it to be.

I believe that the difficulty that Jesus’ mission poses for us is that he calls us to take a stand. Who are we and whose are we? What do we stand for, and what exactly do we believe? What are our values and what are we willing to sacrifice to have those values? If we are to be followers of Jesus, exactly what do we need to do to stay on the path upon which he leads.

If Jesus has won the battle over sin and death, which we purport to believe, what is left to do; collect our winnings and start accumulating our stuff? Are we to sit back and enjoy the good life while others less fortunate fend for themselves as best they can?

To follow Jesus is going to require some tough decisions. We will have to buck the current and get our feet wet. After a war is won, the mopping up often takes the longest and is the most difficult. Defeating the defeated insurgence is no task for the uncommitted. It takes grit and determination and a fearless leader.

We have the leader. Do we have the grit and determination?

Faithfully,   Father Mark +